Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

Is enough enough?

closetI have six pairs of jeans.
Easily a dozen pairs of black pants. In current rotation. Not counting the dozens I’ve thrown out or given away.
Seven black jackets.
Four cream / khaki jackes for spring.
I can’t count the shoes. The boots. The shoe-boots.
Makes me sick to count the lipsticks, hair products, creams, eyeliners, lipsticks, glosses, lipsticks, hair products.
Ok, this is it. No more. Live with the choices I’ve already made. Each and every one of these things was just perfect at the moment of purchase, why aren’t they perfect, and perfectly good, now? Do I really need more of this? More of ANYTHING?
No I do not.
Of course “need” is a funny word to use when not talking about the basics of survival.
Each purchase represents a quest for perfection, the Parisian insouciance I so crave and do not have. Each purchase is slightly wrong, hence the need for the next one. Then there is the utterly darling “piece” that is meant to enliven things a little — here is where we find our Marni, our Prada bits, our clever accessories and the several pounds of scarves, wraps, rags, whatever that were just the thing.
I feel the call of the Margiela tunic, the amazing Demeulemeester boots, the perfect McQueen yes I’m going to say it black blazer.
I am resisting. Focusing on saving for furniture, which I actually need if I intend to emerge from squalor or ever let another human into my space.
And shockingly, because I am a clothes horse and not a nester, I learned only recently that a sofa and a McQueen are about the same price; a sofa just seems like a more serious investment.
Ok. More sofa and less shoes.


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