Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

Is using a gift card cheating?

A dilemma…A gift card, with a pending expiry date, given to me in 2012, before I came up with this mad plan. I asked around a bit when I came across the card in my wallet because I want it to be clear… When I say “no spending for a year” that is truly my intention. But… A gift card? If you’re like me you probably have a few in a drawer or your wallet getting forgotten. Most don’t have expiry dates but this one did and I only had a few days to use it or lose it.. It was for $50. Not enough for a luxury item but nothing to sniff at either.I was happy to find that my informal poll on Facebook garnered many responses, most telling me to “Use it” or to “Donate it” while a few chimed in that not using it would be wrong and wasteful. Smart friends. I won’t mention the store but suffice it to say $50 doesn’t go a long way in this shop. The cheapest thing in the store other than socks was $52 on sale.  Yes, $52, not $50. I paid the difference. Does that make me a fraud, a failure, a fake? Ok, yeh, I could have grabbed the $45 socks ( not even cashmere!), but that would have felt more wasteful. Don’t think I’ve ever bought $45 socks before and I wasn’t about to start this year. My new blue shirt may end up having a very special place in my heart, and my closet, so long as it doesn’t make any new acquaintances for the rest of the year.


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