Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

Baby needs new shoes

Ok, so he’s not really a baby anymore. He’s 6, with the fastest growing feet in all the land. With two young boys  needing boots, non-marking gym shoes and ice skates in the winter and sandals, soccer shoes and runners in the summer it’s enough to make you want to bind their feet. So when I went to pick him up at school and was told that he needed to have another pair of shoes downstairs in the after-school program I thought it all a little excessive. If you have kids you know they will outgrow the shoes around the same time you get them home from the store. Now, this Buy Pass year was originally about my excess, it’s not my 4 and 6 year olds shopping all day for a living or browsing the online sites for expensive entertainment, but, for the challenge to be truly meaningful it has to involve the whole household. Lucky for my husband he thinks every year is a Buy Pass year and will feel no pain.

My first stop, The Value Village.Having not had a lot as a kid I don’t think I could put my boys in someone elses well worn shoes but I’ve donated enough items with tags still intact to know that the thrift stores get lots of never-been-worn clothing. There was nothing suitable. I tried a few more similar stores and, frankly, it just made me depressed. I’ve had some great luck finding expensive ski pants, brand new cargos and more Gap tees than even Gap has but there was something about looking at the tired, dirty shoes that nearly broke my heart. What if that was the only thing I could afford for my little ones?

I ended up at Walmart. Not my favorite place to shop but often suitable for some of lifes less glamorous purchases. $34 later, with two pairs of runners in the bag, my kids were overjoyed with there new sneaks.


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