Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

My year of living frugally.

My name is Tracy and I’m a shopaholic.

It has been about a month since my last irrelevant purchase — that is, buying fun stuff rather than what is necessary to support life on this planet. This is my story.

Shopping for me exists on an elevated plane. It’s not frivolous or silly or kind of selfish in the scheme of things. I shop as a way of defining who I am. If William Burroughs could claim heroin was necessary for creativity and to improve his writing, I claim shopping improves my life.

Am I mad? Oh yes.

And still. Shopping is what brings the Barolo home, it puts the paintings on the wall, it offers the perfect red lip to go with the excellent leather jacket that just breathes Parisian chic. Can I bear to forgo the search for the ideal boots, or perfect bag for a year? Never mind search — what if this is the year I actually find said perfect bag — am I to let the grail go?

Well in fairness I have many “perfect” bags — each perfect until actual purchase. So maybe simply stopping the madness really is the way to go. What do they say of love? You find it when you’re not looking. Maybe it is true of les objets as well. Maybe the lust to possess dissipates and then the truth comes out, the truth that no number of leather jackets is ever going to make me seem Parisian, etc, etc.

That’s too much to bear.

Here is what I want but won’t buy this year:

Chanel 2.55 – the bag designed by Mademoiselle herself, with a chain strap to resist thieves, a secret pocket for the key and the cab fare, no logos to attract the wrong type. Perfection.

The Rick Owens leather jacket – I’ve seen it on a few too many TV detectives and CBC stars now, maybe it’s lost its cool? Oh that’s impossible what am I saying….

The Pamela Love claw cuff and / or necklace – too fabulous. Sigh.

The Alexander McQueen black blazer – this is really hurting me. But there’s always a blazer, right?

My not-shopping list will have to keep for a year. Let’s see how we both do.


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