Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

Girl crushes

robinI have a girl crush on five people, four of whom are famous with pix I can share. Actually, two are fictional characters with pix I can share.

They all make me want to shop, to improve my closet, to hone my style.

Actually that’s bollocks, they all make me want to be them.

The newest is the icy-evil Claire on House of Cards, a drama you will know nothing about if you don’t have Netflix. In life she is Robin Wright, formerly Wright Penn, always a pretty woman in that “strong, intelligent-looking” zone also inhabited by, say, Carolyn Bessette Kenendy.

In this drama she wears very little that doesn’t look like L’Wren Scott, Roland Mouret or even Victoria Beckham. Or shirts and pencil skirts. She’s althetic and slim versus the ‘skinny’ I generally prefer, but her solid physical strength is refreshing and appealing.

Then there’s Diane Lockhart, poster girl for older women and a beacon for what we might become with money and a bit of elegance to replace the “fun” we’ve been having.

diane Her jewellery alone is for coveting. Nevermind the hair.

Is it bad to be so smitten by women who don’t actually exist? Well, maybe that just makes me your average man.

As for people in real life, who isn’t crushing on Jenna Lyons? Love her geek, love her red lip, love her way of mixing everything and does she ever button her shirt?

And Kate Lanphear, and Agnes de la Fressange, whose book on Parisian style I’ve been following like template for eternal happiness.

I love them all, and they all make me want to throw out everything I own and start over. Except I bet they could find a few things deep within and make them look utterly fresh and amazing.

Ok. Gonna shop my closet with my icons in mind.



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