Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

Yippee! My computer crashed!

ImageLast week I was fortunate enough to have my laptop die. I say this only because I’ve never had the chance to buy myself a brand new one. I’ve owned three in my life and each has been either a generous gift from the husband or a not-so-used hand-me-down from a friend. So when mine decided it didn’t want to play anymore, I have to admit I was a little excited about the chance to go buy something sleek, new and expensive to tote around, even if it wasn’t the new “it” bag. This BuyPass Year was about buying only necessities. No A.P.C., Alexander Wang or even Adidas. But a computer…. A girl must work! A necessity for sure! I cannot go without! I went and shopped around, looking at large screens, small screen, RAM, Gigs, processors, touch screens, all the while the money nearly burning a whole in my pocket and the adrenaline pumping. Having not bought anything for two months will do that to you, even when looking at the most mundane of items.

But when PC repairman called to say he was able to save all my data, he also said he could fix the damn thing. The REPAIR option. I hadn’t even thought of that, as the machine was getting up there in age. I had three choices. Normally choice is good but in this case not so much. One, have him retrieve my data for $90. Two, repair  it for $220 and hope to get another year out of it. Three, screw options one and two and buy a new beauty for arouond $550.

I’m happy to say this post was composed on my old beast. I can’t say I’m entirely dreading the day it dies for good ( with all my data backed-up of course). But these last two months have changed my way of thinking. Now I actually do think about the money. How hard it is to earn, that all those dollars I spend are after-tax dollars and that maybe, just maybe, there’s something more worthwhile to do with them. I have 10 more months to see if that’s true or plan which new deluxe laptop to get when those after Christmas sales are on.


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