Enough is enough – we swear off shopping for a year

My year of nothing

I shop for a living. No, really. I’ve been a fashion stylist for 19 years and a columnist for The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, for almost 7. I spend most of my days shopping and/or writing about it. I’m surrounded by beautiful clothing and beautiful people in beautiful clothing.  I’ve spent way too much money over the years buying anything that caught my eye, and not really thinking twice about it. Until now. When I became a mom for the first time close to 7 years ago, the money started going elsewhere… the nanny, then daycare, now schooling. But still I shopped. Maybe not with quite the same vengeance, but it went on. Then a second son came along, and, again, things slowed a little. But it was only in December that I decided to make a real change. The problem has always been the lack of delay and thought between seeing something sweet to wear and hauling it to the cash register. No questions, no consequences, no worries. But I started to wonder what all those clothes in all those closets represented? An emotional hole? A financial conquest? An ego boost? Why so much stuff? This is my year to find out. 2013 is my year to say “Enough is Enough”.  No clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets… Nothing but neccesities. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.


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